Webbudds terms

Welcome to webbudds, the whole new world of social experiance. By registering an account on Wb, you ensure that you accepted all the terms and conditions of Wb family. It is the whole new social networking website where not even you can connect with your friends but you can feel them live. The new chat box indication with ease of use so that you can know when your friend wants to chat with you. sharing of links and youtube videos so that you can share your moods without opening youtube, just write the song name on their sharefeeds and you will get the link. A new favourite option avilable to let you know that your friends appreciates you. Share your photos through sharefeeds instantly by just uploading photos without album issues as it creates albums itself. Just add your name, email id, birthdate, and other requirements and experiance the new world with a good security. Gain access to Wb with correct information only and do not violate any of the rules and regulations regarding Webbudds. The rules and regulations are stated below,
We respect the people's rights and in return we expect you the same. Each and every member is important in Webbudds family.